Who Needs the NBA? Seattle Has USL Soccer Fever!

After running through my list of posts over the last few weeks, I was shocked at the preponderance of posts pertaining to the Sonics.  Now I know this is a cynical blog on Seattle sports, but even I need to draw the line somewhere. All this vitriol can’t be healthy.  I now declare an official moratorium on Sonics posting as I move on to all the other happenings across the Seattle sports landscape…

So…on to some USL soccer! The USL Defending Champion Sounders (yeah you heard me) kicked off the 2008 campaign with a thrilling 1-1 tie against the mighty Charleston Battery. Up next, the bitter I-5 rivalry with the Portland Timbers.  Not sure what you, loyal Rainout readers, are doing for the game but I plan to throw on my Sebastien Le Toux jersey, paint my face Sounders green and head on over to my local Sounders bar.  We’ll scream in anticipation for every corner kick, debate endlessly the free kick abilities of Noah Merl vs Benjamin Totoria and reminisce about the 2005 ISL Championship we won.

Check out the photo below of our very own Sounders celebrating the 2005 ISL championship.  Ahh….memory lane. And the crowd goes WILD!



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