Don’t Sleep on This Year’s Overused Sports Phrase

Last year’s inescapable catchphrase was “throw him under the bus”. Everyone and their brother was accusing someone of throwing them under buses. The Seahawks threw Jim Mora “under the bus” after his swift departure, or was that because Jim Mora threw Olindo Mare under the bus earlier? Obama, the most powerful sports fan on the planet, threw Reverend Wright under the bus. Roger Clemens tried to throw Brian McNamee under the bus, not knowing that McNamee would turn around and throw Debbie Clemens under the bus. Clemens is being arraigned for perjury, while McNamee was subsequently hit by a bus. Turns out you can double bus a single bus. Where is Jerome Bettis in all this? But I digress.

2010 isn’t over yet, but I’ve noticed one phrase making a late season surge: “don’t sleep on X”, where X can be damn near anything. So far in the few months I’ve been told by…

Why do inane phrases like these catch on the so damn strongly within sports commentary? Is the level of discourse that low, are the vocabularies involved that lacking? Are people rushing from one analysis to the other so quickly that they only have time to reach for the phrase du jour?

Fear not loyal Rainout reader(s), I won’t sleep on anything. I’d rather be thrown under the bus.


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