Seattle Sports Links: 20101004

In lieu of me actually writing a post about the goings-ons in the sports world, here’s a few places I’ll suggest you go:


Watch Sonicsgate

Until this evening, I somehow neglected to watch Sonicsgate, the epic documentary that details the various sources of betrayal (Schultz, Bennett, Stern, Licata, Chopp) involved in the Sonics departure.  Holy shit it’s miserable to watch. But every Seattle sports fan MUST sit down and go through it. Huge bonus points for the multiple Jim McIllvaine cameos.

“We Will Be On ESPN Every Night”

As painful as it was to lose the Sonics, it is great fun so to see what has become of them. The OKC Chunder are on pace for the worst season in NBA history, their attendance is falling, fans are booing, local writers are turning on the team,the owner's stake in his own company has gone from $2B to $42M and, oh yeah, they are in Oklahoma. At least one promise has been delivered on, all the "coverage on ESPN" that Bennett and Co. got OKC fans so excited about…

The Scheff, Internet Mogul

While many former Sonics are busy chasing underage tail, chasing the dream in Italy, or chasing league titles at Estrella Foothills HS, Steve Scheffler has been building an internet empire.

I stumbled across his LinkedIn Profile today and, wow, what a moment. Simply put, KS Specialties is reshaping the world of Internet grocery retailing as we know it. And guess what former Sonic reserve has his hand on the tiller of this burgeoning online purveyor of perishable foodstuffs? The Scheff.

The founder of K.S. Specialties,
Steve pioneered the use of independent Food Brokers for®'s new
Grocery Division.
  Under his leadership,
K.S. Specialties has experienced triple digit growth in each of the first 5
years it has been business.

Working with Amazon, Steve
successfully developed unique product management tools to track key business
elements and created logistic processes that have helped manufacturers of over
700 products achieve incremental growth in sales and profits.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science
degree in Management from Purdue University, and played professionally for 7
seasons in the National Basketball Association.


It’s So Bad, Even Boston Feels Sorry for Us

So I was reading the Boston Globe and Dan Shaugnessy had an article that made me go hmmmmm. Our current sports malaise is so bad ("how bad is it?!") that even salty New Englanders take notice and commiserate.

"But even in the lean years, our town never had a stretch like this. This is cruel and unusual. Seattle stinks. At everything. It is the sports opposite of Boston."

Reign Out

Not quite done with Sonics carthasis. Came across this pic of the Reign Man from the ’96 finals and had to post.

Calling All Tube Tops

So many sad reminders that our NBA team has absconded to the Sooner State, but this one cuts deep. Looks like the OKC ________ are now hiring a dance team.  Unfortunately, the pool of eligible and motivated amateur dancers is….thin. Looks like the entire State of Oklahoma only has four Hooters Restaurants. Can we bring this to the attention of the NBA relocation committee retroactively?

Read this document on Scribd: Oklahoma City NBA Dance Team Applicaiton